Fraud Threat

We have been made aware of a new variant of the 'Spyeye Trojan' virus which may be used to target your Wealth Online Banking account.

The Trojan works by allowing the fraudster to take over the banking session on your computer. When you enter your logon credentials at step 1 of the process via the link the Trojan throws up a 'wait screen', example below:

In the background the fraudster is connecting to Wealth Online Banking via your machine and then asks you for additional logon credentials. If these are supplied, the fraudster will now have full control of Online Banking on your machine.

Please remember the key security points that Barclays advise:

When logging in, if you have already created a memorable word, we will never ask you to provide your full memorable word. You will only ever be asked for two characters from your memorable word. Security gives you more information around memorable word usage

If you have noticed any significant changes when logging onto online banking including delays logging on, any unexpected errors reported on your screen or denial of access, please contact Barclays Wealth using the contact us pages.